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Buckle up, folks, we’ve got a live one today. Don Boys (Ph.D) is a fundamental Baptist preacher who was also elected to the Indiana House of Representatives, and was identified by the media as the ”most conservative member of the General Assembly.” And with good reason.

His articles include telling us why Jesus Wouldn’t Raise the Minimum Wage and a treatise on whether or not animals go to heaven.

He also runs websites muslimfact.com and TheGodHaters.com.

10 Signs You’re Still A Fundamentalist (Even If You’ve Left the IFB)

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.
~William James

1. You dehumanize and devalue those who disagree with you.

2. You have no friends who challenge your point of view.

3. Winning arguments is more important to you than kindness.

4. Your car is still covered in bumper stickers.

5. You still see political might as the way to bring in heaven on earth.

6. Your dress code and music choices are still controlled by somebody else’s likes or dislikes.

7. Dissenting opinions cause you almost physical pain.

8. The stories you repeat don’t need to be true as long as they’re advancing the right cause.

9. You have a hard time believing anything negative about the leaders of your movement.

10. Ostracism is still your default method of punishment.

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