Fundy Facebook of the Week: Suffer the Little Children

Today’s Facebook post comes from Tom Brennan, Hyles grad and pastor of the Maplewood Bible Baptist Church

Want to be friends? Only the super-sanctimonious need apply.

For Jesus said unto them “love your neighbor as yourself but don’t let their kids close to your kids unless they attend Wednesday night church.”

This really is sad because once upon a time I thought there might be hope for Tom when he got fed up and started naming names in his sermon entitled “39 Years an Independent Baptist…And Grieved About It.”

GOH: Mercy Walked In

Don’t forget to check out their CD on the back table!

Full Disclosure: I actually knew these two singers back many, many years ago when their family were missionaries to Papua New Guinea. Their singing family act back then was typical of the kinds of on-demand performances that missionaries would be expected to put on while raising money on “deputation.” I’m a bit surprised to find them still on tour.

Fundraising (In Sixty-Four Simple Spirit-Led Steps)

How does the Spirit of God move upon his people to give of their resources to build buildings and fund schools and do all manner of interior decorating?

Apparently the answer is “first He draws an org chart.”

Linked here for your perusals are two PDF documents (Pages 1-10) (Pages 11-20) that show how Lancaster Baptist Church (and by extension West Coast Baptist College) does its fundraising. As corporate organization schemes go, it’s a thing of beauty.

It appears that they actually start planning in October for the big giving event in March and involve the entire church with video teams sent out, personal testimonies, targeted preaching, mailings, and endless promotions of the giving drive at other events between October and March.

Then after all those months of planning and work God miraculously sends in money. I mean it may look an awful lot like church members being coaxed, cajoled, and and all but coerced into giving but I’m sure God is involved somehow.

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